Thursday, January 8, 2009

After our Christmas train trip.

It has been two weeks or more since I last posted. I had a forced vacation just after my Iowa vacation . . . a severe sinus infection. I finally went to the doctor today and am on antibiotics, so hopefully I will begin to get up and around by tomorrow! And to think it all began by kissing and cuddling sick little grandchildren. (Who would've known?)

We arrived by train at midnight, the 26th of December. My sister Lori picked us up and kept us for the night. "The weather outside was frightening", to coin a phrase. At noon on Saturday we attended the big Cropper Christmas party in Lehi. Good food, good company and such cute little angels!
Santa (Curtis) and Mrs. Claus (Christine) even made a visit!
Then we drove through the "white and drifted snow" in Sardine Canyon to get back to Logan. Kimberly and Ken and Kristy's families arrived about the same time that we did. Since we have a family living in our basement currently, we put three airbeds side by side in our living room to accomodate the parents and babies. The four little boys camped under the dining room table and loved it. On Sunday, after church, we held our regular candlelight Christmas dinner, Nativity theater and opened presents, then settled them down for the night once again. We really missed Katie and Ben, Karolyn and Kyle being with us. Next Christmas, we'll have them all.
In the morning, we got Rob to the airport for work in California, and took Kim at the same time so that she could fly to Iowa and visit Katie and Ben and little Abigail. Then she went on to Illinois to see cousin Shelly and her twins. In the meantime, we got to keep the three boys for five days. I was pretty sick, so most of our fun came while I lay on the couch, but we had a great time. The boys were incredibly good and helpful.

Jeffrey, Bryce and Nathan enjoyed ice skating and tubing while in Logan.

Saturday was Spencer's (Ken's son) baptism in Provo. It was so exciting to see him make this decision. His other grandfather flew in from his job in Japan in order to baptize him. Afterwards, we all had lunch at Kirsten's home.

(left) Spencer and Bryce (right) Spencer and Kimberly

Then I got sicker and sicker and this week has been lived from the couch. 'nuff said.

P.S. We just can't close without a couple of updated photos of our sweet Abigail who is now 4 weeks old!